The hidden Django anti-pattern preventing your prod rollback

Picture the scene: it’s 11pm and production is down. Stress. You’re about to roll back to the last good release. All you need is to reverse the database migrations and then deploy and…wait what?

$ python migrate hounds 0002 Operations to perform: Target specific migration: 0002_auto, from hounds Running migrations: Rendering model states... DONE Unapplying hounds.0003_auto...Traceback (most recent call last): django.db.migrations.exceptions.IrreversibleError: Operation <RunPython > in hounds.0003_auto is not reversible

Migrations forwards and back

Django data migrations are two parters: forwards and backwards, but the cause of this failed migration is…for reasons…the develop only added the forwards handler:

Django requires forwards, but backwards is technically optional. While the above is valid, below is infinitely better:

So backwards is technically optional in the same way that wearing a parachute while skydiving is optional: given enough time you will eventually hit the ground. Hard. Indeed, if you want the option of rolling back your production website then no, backwards is not optional. Omitting backwards means you only have the option of rolling forwards, which is a bit more daunting compared with safely rolling back to a release we know works.

The fix is a super simple too: just specifying migrations.RunPython.noop can be enough. As the name implies, Django will do nothing for the reverse, simply skip over the data migration, without throwing IrreversibleError:

So in practice, follow this advice:

Does your codebase have a IrreversibleError waiting to happen?

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